Hairston Creek Farm

4300 Co Rd 335 Burnet, TX 78611


Farm News 2010:


It is very dry out on the farm. There is a slight chance of rain for today though, so we will see if that pans out. Lots of things are producing well right now. We have lots of cantaloupes and lots of okra (it does love this hot weather!). Also producing currently are the summer squashes, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peas, basil and peppers. In other news, we just got back from a weekend in Galveston. We spent some time on the beach, but the main goal of the weekend was seeing Benjamin graduate from Texas A&M University at Galveston and get commissioned into the Navy. 


The weather keeps threatening rain, but it has yet to deliver. The plants are doing well though, and the basil, garlic, cucumbers, onions, and squash are all starting to produce. The beets, swiss chard, and carrots are still producing, but probably won't be for long. The lettuce, dandelion greens, mustard greens, and strawberries are all finishing up. Hopefully the okra and tomatoes will start producing soon. In other news, last week we had a farm day. It was lots of fun, and there was lots of good food to be had by all.


The warm weather has been a boon to the spring crops. The asparagus and strawberries have especially liked the warmer weather. Unfortunately the warmer weather has meant the end of the cool weather crops, such as the kale and collards. Last weekend we went to the 2010 Hill Country Lawn and Garden Show. This was our 6th year to be involved, and as always it was a good time with lots of familiar faces. Our next big event is the start of the Burnet Farmers' Market, which begins on April 17th. As we prepare for that, we are also preparing our summer crops. In the past weeks we have seeded okra, peppers, and more eggplant. We have also prepped some of our summer crops that are almost ready to go out in the field, including some tomatoes and basil. Hopefully this warmer weather will keep up and there will not be any late freezes this year.


It has been a busy year so far. In January we remodeled our state certified kitchen, while working on seeding our spring crops. Unlike in the past few years, the onion crop will be relatively small this year. The heavy rain in January washed away most of them away, however we can't complain as the rain was very much needed. There has been a fair amount of rain so far this year, which has kept us busy trying to keep up with the weeds. The strawberries are looking good, and with any luck they will start producing soon. Asparagus has started producing and should pickup production soon. For our summer crops we have seeded the cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, yellow squash, sunburst squash, and eggplant. We already have our tomatoes seeded, and they are growing fast with the warmer weather we have had lately.