Hairston Creek Farm

4300 Co Rd 335 Burnet, TX 78611


2011 Farm News:

8/3/2011 -

Following a very hot and dry July appears to be a very hot and dry August. The crops do not want to grow, and we have been keeping the wells going overtime to keep plants alive and producing. We were lucky in July that we got 0.37 inches of rain. It didn’t do much, but it settled the dust for a little while and cooled everything down for a couple afternoons. We had hoped that tropical storm Don might send a little rain our way, but all we got was cloud cover for last Saturday’s market which is better than nothing.

5/9/2011 -

Well the heat has defiantly set in now. The squash and cherry tomatoes have shown up early this year, but hopefully they will have a long season. Rain is something that we are desperately in need of, but there does not appear to be any coming in the near future. The basil is doing fairly well and looks to be managing with the heat... At least so far. We have started to pull garlic, so that will keep us busy for a while. The asparagus has finally called it quits. It was amazing that it lasted as long as it did with the hot weather that we have had.

3/18/2011 -

Asparagus is here, but with the warm weather, the season looks like it will be rather short this year. Spring looks like it is going to be extra short this year. Hopefully we will receive more rain before the heat of summer sets in. The greenhouse is full of seedlings, so we will be busy planting within the next month or so.

1/6/2011 -

Well we finally have the web site back up and running just in time for the new year. Unfortunately, with all that needs to be done on the farm the web site is often relegated to the bottom of the list. After a short trip to Canada, we have been busily working on seeding out new plants to prepare for spring and summer. We are in the process of getting the onions planted to allow for green onions come the spring. Other work on the farm includes covering up some of the crops to help them survive some of the colder nights. The freeze during Christmas week effected the farm by freezing most of the cauliflower and some of the broccoli.