Hairston Creek Farm

4300 Co Rd 335 Burnet, TX 78611


2012 Farm News:



The wheels fell off the cart in 2012.  Sarah passed away in the evening of August 24th after a four and a half year battle with breast cancer.  We are slowly recovering and learning how to function without our loving wife and mother.   You never know how much someone does until they are gone.  As we move on into the new year, we are making some changes and adapting to continue on as best we can.  

3/4/2012 -

The weather this year is the strangest we have seen in a long time, but as of right now we are in a better position than last year. Hopefully these random showers will continue for quite a while. The onions and potatoes are in the ground and starting to grow, while the tomatoes are almost ready to transplant. The strawberries and asparagus started producing early this year. Hopefully this means both will have extra long seasons this year.