2014 Farm News:

End of the Year News:

Well It was another busy year. Unfortunately we didn’t get much rain, but as it looks to continue to be a somewhat wet winter, we will continue to keep hope. End of the year means the start of looking forward to what we will are planning for next year. We’ve got the strawberries in the ground and have ordered the seed for the spring crops. It’s also the time to catch up on all the things that get pushed off till a less busy time, like updating the website...



A new year is here and things are busy around the farm. In the midst of the cold weather last week, most of the artichokes froze, so it looks like those will be few and far between this year. Most of the other vegetables made it through fairly well, though some of the broccoli also had a bit of frost damage. As we start to look forward in the next couple weeks we will start to plant the potatoes and onions.

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