Vegetables and Fruits

We grow upwards of 50 varieties of mixed vegetables from asparagus to zucchini.  We start in the early spring with greens and root vegetables, move into green beans, squash and tomatoes, through the hot summer with okra, peas, eggplant and melons and then into the fall with all of the above. One of our newest items are shishito and padron peppers.  These small peppers are fantastic on the grill and add fun in choosing because a few in every bunch are spicy compared to the rest which are sweet.


A small mixed flock of chickens provides us with multicolored fresh pastured eggs.  Our chickens are not certified organic, but they have constant access to certified organic pasture, we supplement their feed with certified organic feed, and they also eat a lot of our produce trimmings and any excess produce we bring back from the farmers markets.  Our egg supply varies tremendously depending on the time of year and the amount of predator pressure we have.  

Hairston Creek Farm

4300 Co Rd 335 Burnet, TX 78611